Goff’s Caye is a 1-acre sand barrier island, situated north of the English Caye Channel. It is approximately 12 nautical miles east of Belize City. Its natural beauty; white sandy beach, and well-developed coral reef formation are considered to be the best in the central province.

Goff’s Caye has also been a major part of the Belizean culture and heritage for many years.  During the Easter   holidays, many Belizeans visit the island for a day of relaxation.  This annual event and has become a mainstay of the Belizean culture.

The island, however, is very vulnerable to changing current and wind patterns. These phenomena causes the Caye to exhibit a dynamic landmass, with constantly changing boundaries.

The island is one of the major marine destinations for cruise ships and local visitors alike. This is because it is easily accessible and offers a unique   mixture of sun, sand and healthy reefs.

Because of its popularity, Goff’s Caye has the potential to become vulnerable to the negative impacts of overuse from a large number of visitors. However, CZMAI has been managing the environs of Goff’s Caye since 2004, in which it has established a maximum carrying capacity of 150-200 visitors at any given time.