Maya King Waterfall

Nestled in the mountains of the South East Coast, Maya King Waterfall is one of the most photographed in Belize. Made of two cascading falls, Maya King is a beauty to behold, especially in the ‘rainy’ season when the water gushes over the rocks, nature’s best shower-head! The wondrous site can be found less than half hour from Placencia, and the journey from the entrance of the site to the actual waterfall is an experience in itself. You will pass beautiful rows of orange trees before you arrive at a bamboo canopy, dubbed as the ‘Bamboo Cathedral,’ which hangs over a small creek. As if the ride isn’t dreamy enough, the road to the waterfall winds on the side of the mountain, with the tall trees reaching above you intersecting and creating much needed shade.

Once you arrive at the waterfall site, fully clad with changing rooms/bathrooms and sitting areas, you will never want to leave. The falls themselves are perfect backdrops to a nice picnic and photo ops. Spend a half day here, enjoying the chilly water and soothing sound of rippling water, or stop by on your way to enjoy other activities in South East Coast.

Maya King Waterfall 1
Maya King Waterfall 2
Maya King Waterfall 3