Nim Li Punit, located near the village of Indian Creek in the Toledo District, is well known for the number of stelae discovered. Nim Li Punit gets its name from a carving on the longest of the site’s 26 stelae. The longest stelae is carved with a figure wearing a large headdress and, at a length of 30 feet, is the longest discovered in Belize and one of the tallest in the Maya world.

Nim Li Punit is situated in the foothills of the southern Maya Mountains. To the east of the ridge lie the flat coastal plains that extend to the Caribbean Sea. The site center consists of three major groups with monumental architecture. The southern group contains the stelae plaza, the ball court, a 12-meter high structure and several palaces. Excavations have uncovered a large tomb, which contained the remains of five individuals, 40 ceramic vessels and various other artifacts. In the Stelae plaza, there were more than 16 monuments. Seven of these were inscribed with calendar round dates that fall within the late Classic Period. Most of the carved stelae depict elite rulers, who appear to be scattering copal onto flaming braziers. The east group is comprised of several modified terraces, on which a large number of structures are erected, while the west group has about 14 mounds that were constructed atop two large terraces.


The 17-meter long Stelae 14 represents the longest stelae yet discovered in Belize (and possibly the second longest in the Maya area).