Belize Reopening: Everything you need to know

Updated October 6, 2020. 

With the airport reopening, travelers are gearing up to enjoy the plethora of experiences waiting for them in Belize. Whether you’re eagerly waiting for to come Winter or simply planning an itinerary for your 2021 bucket list, here’s everything you need to know before you go.*


Before Arrival:

  1. Book stay at Gold Standard Approved accommodations. For the safety of travelers, the Belize has launched an extensive Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program that requires certified hotels and tour operators to adapt new health and safety policies.
  2. Register on the Belize Health App. The Belize Health App was created to monitor traveler  health and assist with contact tracing should it become necessary. All arriving passengers to Belize must download and complete the required information in the App no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. The app will generate a QR code for you to present to health officials upon arrival. iOS users can find the app on the App Store, Android users can download it here
  3. Have your Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel.  Depending on your health screening, you may be randomly selected for a secondary testing upon arrival.


  1. Disembark and proceed to Meet & Greet Lounge. Visitors must wear a mask at all times while in public spaces and practice social distancing. Upon arrival you will proceed to the Hospitality Meet & Greet Lounge.  In the Lounge, your Health App will be verified and you’ll be cleared to proceed for your Health Screening.   .
  2. Health Screening.  Health officers will take your temperature and verify the health information you entered on the App. 
  3. COVID Testing. If you brought along a negative COVID test taken within 72-hours of your travel to Belize, you’ll be able to proceed to Immigration and Customs to complete your arrival processing.  Passengers arriving without a negative PCR test will need to proceed to the Health Testing Unit where a COVID-19 test will be administered. If you test negative, you will continue the arrival process; your results will be provided to you after your arrival at your Gold Standard hotel.  Passengers who test positive will be placed in mandatory, minimum 14-day quarantine, at the passenger’s expense.

Immigration & Customs Clearance.. After your COVID test you’ll proceed into the Arrival Hall for Immigration processing, to collect your luggage and proceed to Customs inspection.  Once cleared, you’ll proceed to the Exit doors to meet your local Gold Standard approved air or ground transfer

While in Belize:

  1. Arrive at Gold Standard Hotel within the Tourism Safe Corridor.  
  2. Check in daily to your Gold Standard Hotel. Be sure to notify officials if you are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms during your stay.
  3. Enjoy your experiences via Gold Standard Approved Tour Operators.

For returning foreign second-homeowners, retirees or business travelers, the process differs slightly.

  • QRPs & Permanent Residents: Download Health app and complete all required information there. Take a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding flight as a negative result will provide a fast-track arrival process. Depending on health screening, you maybe selected for random testing. If the test is negative, you may proceed to self quarantine for 10 days at your home.
  • Homeowners and long-stay non nationals: Apply to visit by visiting and must proof of home ownership/lease in Belize. Download Belize Health App and complete information within 72 hours of flight. Take PCR test within 72 hours of boarding. Negative result will lead you to a fast track process at airport. If results negative, 10 days quarantine at your home. 
  • Business travelers: Apply to visit on You must submit proof of investments in Belize and provide a detailed itinerary for the duration of your visit. Download Belize Health App and complete required information within 72 hours of flight. Book stay at Gold Standard hotel or provide proof of owned property. Take mandatory PCR test within 72 hours of boarding flight. Use of one approved transportation and trained driver. 

Getting to Belize:

So, you’ve decided to visit as soon as we reopen. How do you get here? Below are the major airlines with service to Belize after October 1:

  • American Airlines: October 1
  • United Airlines: October 2
  • Delta Airlines: November 20th

Belize’s five-step phased reopening ensures the safety of both travelers and our country. You can still enjoy the jungles and the beaches while remaining safe. If you still have some lingering questions, check out our FAQs here. If you’d like more information on our health & safety policies, visit here.