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Best Things to do in Belize City

The former capital is mostly known as a starting point before visitors head off into the neighboring districts to carry out their itinerary, but there are quite a few things you can do in Belize City that you can’t find anywhere else. From learning about the history of our people to scouting out the local hot spots for lunch, here are a few things to do in Belize City.

  1. Baron Bliss Lighthouse. One of its most well-known monuments is the lighthouse perched by the sea, housing a tomb belonging to Belize’s biggest financial benefactor. Baron Bliss, (full name Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss) never set foot in the country, but was anchored to shore for a short while before donating the value of over a million dollars to Belize before he passed away. The 52-foot tall lighthouse, painted white and red, overlooks the Caribbean Sea.
  2. Swing Bridge. Peppered with fishing boats, the Haulover Creek runs under the Swing Bridge, located in downtown Belize City. It is said to be the oldest Swing Bridge in Central America and is manually operated still, after originally being erected in 1923. Visitors crossing from the North side to the South side (or vice versa) will spot pelicans swooping overhead near the fishing boats and many locals hurrying by to get to work or one of the downtown stores.
  3. Museum of Belize. Formerly a prison until 1993, this building that houses the museum was built between 1954 and 1957. It was converted into Museum of Belize in 2002, and is just a few metres away from the coastline of Belize City. Inside, you can see Maya ceremonial objects, paintings and other interesting artifacts that tell the tale of the history of Belize.
  4. Belize Sign. A recent addition, the colorful Instagram-famous ‘Belize’ sign sits right near the coast, near the Baron Bliss lighthouse. Many visitors take the opportunity to snap photos here before continuing their city tour.
  5. St. John’s Cathedral. The oldest Anglican cathedral in Central America can be found in Belize City’s southside, a few minutes’ walk from downtown. The bricked building is a prominent historical piece in the city.
  6. Traveller’s Liquor Heritage Museum. The museum’s history dates back to 1953, and was opened by one of Belize’s most historic distilleries, Travellers Rum. You can opt for a guided tour that includes rum tasting at the end!
  7. Battlefield Park. The downtown park near the Swing Bridge is a perfect place to stop and observe the comings and goings of busy locals. Its near major department stores, boutiques and restaurants plus the park itself has a delicious well-known ice cream stand ideal for humid days. Benches with large trees for shade make it perfect for a quick breather before exploring downtown or the Government House nearby.

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