Belize Annual Placencia Sidewalk Festival

Immerse yourself in Belize’s diverse art scene for Placencia’s annual Sidewalk Art Festival. What better way to revel in the month of love than showing love for Belize’s multi-talented artisans? Hosted by the Belize Tourism Industry Association, the highly-anticipated event takes place on Placencia’s central sidewalk and kicks off at 10 a.m.

Once the world’s narrowest street, the sidewalk will be teeming with all sorts of original Belizean art, from vibrant paintings and hand-crafted jewelry to detailed wood carvings and perfectly-tailored clothing. Lose yourself to the music of Placencia’s own DJ Boneyfide while munching down on some delectable Maya cuisine. Sway your hips to the beat of Panerifix’s steel drums as you stroll through the various booths and vendors, like the Coca-Cola Tasting booth and Ixcacao chocolate-making demonstrations. You might even join in and learn how to make your own! For those who prefer the written arts, there will also be poetry readings from Belizean poets. Support the artisans by purchasing their exquisite pieces and donning them either around your neck or on a wall-hook in your home.

With a multitude of arts from all dimensions, the Sidewalk Festival not only celebrates local artists, but those who appreciate the arts as well. The 4000-foot long ­­– yet only four-feet-wide ­– street will be pulsating with colorful life, and being held at one of the most picturesque towns in Belize doesn’t hurt either. Satiate your hunger for art – and Belizean food – at the festival that provides an outlet for all the creatives in Belize to showcase their talent.

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