Carnival Road March & Jouvert

Get ready for a full day of celebrations as a frenzy of colors take precedence through the city streets during Jouvert and Carnival “Road March”  in September in Belize City!

This unity of spirits is a captivating experience to behold!

It all starts in the morning with “Jouvert”, a street-party FOR ALL through the streets of Belize City (expect to get a little messy with items such as chocolate and paint).  Enjoy “Carnival Road March” which starts in the afternoon and can be followed through the principal streets of Belize City. Join in the celebrations and lively dances of Carnival Road March as bands dressed in extravagant costumes performs their well-choreographed routines throughout the streets!

Photo-ops will be plenty, so get your camera ready for this once-a-year fiesta of colors throughout the principle streets of Belize City!


First organized in 1975 by “The Committee of Forty” to extend the celebratory mode of Belize’s Independence Day and Battle of St. George’s Caye Day celebrations, Carnival remains a top attraction during September! For more information on this and other events happening in Belize, or to get tips on planning your dream vacation, email us at: or call us TOLL FREE at: 1-800-624-0686.