Cashew Festival & Agricultural Show

Journey north foodies, the flavours at the Cashew Festival & Agricultural Show will be one of traditional-bliss…

Rooted within the cashew-mecca of Belize, Crooked Tree Village is the destination for all the festivities to be ready to indulge!

Relish in the aromas of a cashew-infused fire hearth meal and be inspired by the local methods that makes every cashew product/dish a truly tasty and worthwhile purchase!

Expect any-and-everything-cashew!

Foodie highlights includes cashew roasting, stewing and wine demonstrations. There will also be plenty of local cashew foods, such as: cashew jams, stew cashew, cashew nuts, cashew cakes, cashew fruit pies, cashew wine and more.

Did-you-know that Crooked Tree Village is home to a little over 958 residents?

This little haven held its first Cashew Festival in 1992 under the name “Agricultural Show for Belize Rural” and it has evolved into the top festival within this region.

Get acquainted with the friendly villagers and make sure to check out the lagoon for some amazing photo-ops! For more information, and for assistance in planning your trip, contact us via email at:, or call us TOLL free at: 1-800-624-0686.