Garifuna Settlement Day

At the onset of day, be among the hundreds of onlookers lining the coast for a glimpse of the historical “Garifuna Settlement Day” reenactments on November 19th! It’s the perfect time to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Garifuna; discover the significance of their November 19th, 1802, canoe arrival to the shorelines of Belize!


Witness this “Yurumein” (re-enactment) on the coast at 6:30 a.m., as Garifuna descendants arrive singing and drumming in canoes.

Join the celebrations as the crowd parades through the principal streets singing and dancing to the captivating Garifuna drumming! There will be plenty of food, drinks and friendly people; this is definitely an event for solo travelers and families!

Travel to…

Travel south of Belize in the heart of the Garifuna communities for a truly authentic experience! “Garifuna Settlement Day” celebrations will take place in various destinations around Belize, including: Baranco Village, Belize City, Belmopan, Dangriga Town, George Town, Hopkins Village, San Pedro Town, Seine Beight Village, Stann Creek District and Punta Gorda Town.

Tasty Dishes

With spices, and unique recipes, expect an array of tantalizing Garifuna dishes, such as:

  • Hudut
  • Tapou
  • Cassava Bread
  • Fried Fish
  • Cassava Pastries and more!

The History of a People

There is an interesting tale of how the Garinagu came to be…  Hundreds of years ago, in the mid-1600s, a slave ship bound for the West Indies (carrying hundreds of Black Africans) shipwrecked near St. Vincent island.

Survivors found refuge on St. Vincent island, where the Carib Indians had been residing. These two cultures then gave birth to the Garinagu. Decades later, the majority of the Garifuna retreated to the Caribbean shores of: Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

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