Belize logo

Belize Logo (CMYK)(2MB/CMYK)

Belize Logo (RGB)

Logo Usage Guidelines

To ensure a consistent and appropriate brand identity, a general set of guidelines for logo usage is outlined as follows:

  1. No elements of the logo artwork may be recreated, deleted, cropped, or reconfigured. All logo artwork is provided as Adobe Illustrator, based EPS.
  2. A minimum clearspace must be maintained on the perimeter surrounding logo artwork as outlined on Logo Clearspace page.
  3. Logo artwork must be uniformly scaled. Non-uniform scaling distorts the proportions of artwork and the relationship between the icons and letterforms.
  4. Logo artwork should always appear upright.
  5. EPS files are vector artwork and are infinitely scalable, thus eliminating the need to ensure proper resolution for the purpose of reproduction.
  6. Logo artwork should appear against a solid background to ensure maximum and proper contrast.
  7. Logo artwork may only be reproduced directly from a digital file.  It should never be reproduced from previously printed materials.
  8. Do not put a white box around the logo when placed on a dark background and do not reproduce the logo in colors other than those specified in these guidelines.