Retirement program incentives

Belize Retirement Benefits

Any person who has been accepted into the QRP Program is entitled to the following under the Belize Retired Persons Incentives Act

  • Belize Residency Status – QRP’s and their dependents shall receive a QRP Resident Card to reside in Belize allowing multiple entries into the country without a Visa. *Resident card to be renewed annually 
  • Duty Exemptions – QRP’s shall be entitled to import duty and tax exemption on the following, for personal use only, within the first year of acceptance into the program
    • Household & Personal Effects multiple entries allowed with no limit on the dollar value of effects
    • Motor Vehicle [Model must be within the last 5 years] – QRP’s are allowed to purchase a new vehicle every four [4] years with proper disposal of the previous vehicle
    • Light Aircraft [Model must be less than 17,000 kg]
    • Motor Boat
  • Tax Exemptions – QRP’s shall be exempted from all taxes and duties on income received from a source outside of Belize, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Ease of purchasing land – QRP’s are entitled to purchasing land for the construction of a home or purchasing a home for residential use only
  • Dependent Benefits
    • Engage in any employment in Belize
    • Carry on any business, trade or profession within Belize if such business relates to activities carried on mainly outside of Belize and conducted exclusively with persons not resident in Belize
    • Make any investment in Belize
    • Practice philanthropy in Belize