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Things to do in Punta Gorda

The sleepy coastal town of Peini, the Garifuna word for Punta Gorda, is at the end of a glorious road-trip when visiting from the North. An underrated region of Belize, “PG” offers much more than meets the eye (which is the beautiful Caribbean Sea, delicious food and colorful local art.) As the last major city in Belize’s Toledo district, there’s myriad activities you can do when spending a weekend at the cultural mecca that is PG.

  1. Lubaantun. Situated a mere 13 miles from PG, this Maya site features three ball courts and five main plazas, making it the largest site in the south. Fun fact: the entire site was made without the help of mortar, meaning each stone was carefully measured and cut to fit the following piece.
  2. Nim Li Punit. Another Maya site near the village of Indian Creek, its name deriving from a carving on the longest of the site’s 26 stelae. The 17-meter long Stelae, 14, represents the longest stelae yet discovered in Belize (and possibly the second longest in the Maya area).
  3. Rio Blanco Falls. Located in the 500-acre Rio Blanco National park, this is a series of waterfalls that end in a plunge pool at the bottom, perfect for visitors to cool off. Involving minimal hiking, this is a popular area for picnics and birdwatching. Located about 30 miles north of PG, Rio Blanco Falls is too beautiful to miss out on.
  4. Chocolate. If there’s one thing the south is known for, is its pure chocolate and the experience of making it. There are tours where you are able to make your own chocolate, from the picking of the cacao fruit to the grinding of the beans to make it into the syrupy goodness you know so well.
  5. Snorkeling. The north islands are the most popular to visit, with some on the southeast coast well-known for snorkeling, but hidden gems like the Snake Cayes are the go-to when in southern Belize. Here, you can snorkel and spot amazing marine life, all without the crowds.
  6. Tiger Cave. Near San Miguel village in Toledo district, this dark cave has a vaulted ceiling with light streaming through the top that creates the ultimate sense of adventure. Great for a half-day’s exploration, Tiger Cave is a perfect opportunity to experience an expedition not many people know about.

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