Whale Shark season is upon us. Are you ready?

While March for folks in the U.S. signals the welcome of the Spring Season, in Belize we have been patiently waiting for Whale Shark season. According to Belize Scuba, the whale shark season usually begins two days before the full moon, lasting up until 10 days after in March, April, May and June.

The most popular spot to have a good chance at encountering these gentle giants is at Gladden Spit Marine Reserve, off the coast of Placencia. The experience of swimming alongside these ethereal creatures is enough to warrant a recurring vacation to Belize every March. Divers and snorkelers do not need to worry simply because it’s a ‘shark,’ since these creatures pose no significant threat. A good tip is booking more than one whale shark tour, as it’s common for it to take a couple tries before witnessing a whale shark in the flesh. But believe us, when you come across the marine behemoth gracefully swimming just a few feet away from you, it’ll be worth it.

Whale Shark Dates for 2021 are as follows:

March 27– April 6  (Full Moon – March 27)

April 25 – May 5  (Full Moon – April 26)

May 25 – June 5 (Full Moon – May 26)

June 23 – July 5 (Full Moon – June 24)

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