5 Thrilling Activities to Explore Belize's Rainforest

5 Thrilling Activities to Explore Belize’s Rainforest

With lush green canopies and cinematic landscapes, Belize is a true gem for nature lovers and adventure seekers! Celebrate World Rainforest Day by diving into thrilling activities that await you in this tropical paradise! Under the shady leaves, discover some of the most intriguing adventures for a fun-filled experience, whether gliding from tree to tree or learning of the wonders hidden within the branches. Here are five activities to add to your rainforest excursion in Belize!


One of the most rewarding ways to explore Belize’s rainforest is through hiking. Trails line the forest, ranging from easy walks to challenging treks leading to stunning views that will leave you in awe! Gaze at the mountains as you look out at the Sleeping Giant or marvel at the fascinating formations of Rio Frio Cave. Hiking is a great bonding trip with friends as you take the best frame-worthy photo at the top of a waterfall! 

ATV Expedition

Ditch bustling streets for off-the-beaten paths! Journey rugged trails on an ATV expedition for an extra dose of adventure. Cut through the leafy isles and even muddy puddles on this exhilarating tour! As you navigate the forest, you will uncover hidden waterfalls. Be sure to take a swim before heading out of the serene hideaway.

Horseback Riding

Some places are better to experience on hoofs! Gallop through the lush forest to a river bank so your gentle pal can drink water or ride to an ancient Maya temple for a unique way to visit the site. Horseback riding is a peaceful yet captivating way to explore Belize’s rainforest and connect with nature.


For a bird’s-eye view of the forest, ziplining is the go-to tour for an adrenaline rush! Start your adventure with a hike to the various lines and then soar through the treetops, getting an unparalleled perspective of what just seems like mountains. Glide across rivers or through caves for even more fun and breathtaking scenery.

Medicinal Plants & Botanical Garden

The rainforest of Belize is diverse with flora and fauna, beholding many plants, vines, and trees used for medical and culinary purposes. Delve into botanical gardens and medicinal trails for a crash course on the wonders found within the forest. Visit the largest black pepper farm in Belize, inhale the pleasant aroma of lemongrass, and marvel at the towering gumbo limbo tree locally known as the “tourist tree” (you’ll find out why when you visit!). Walking through these trails and gardens is an immersion into what was and is still used culturally by locals to help heal, cook, and brighten their homes!

Belize’s rainforest offers activities that cater to any traveller. Whether you’re laid-back and prefer to experience gardens and farms, or you’re all for the high-energy adventures, like rappelling down a waterfall or driving rugged trails on an ATV. This World Rainforest Day, pack your bags and get ready to discover the untouched beauty that awaits you on these thrilling activities in Belize!

zip lining in Belize's Rainforest
waterfall rappelling in Belize's Rainforest
Horseback Riding in Belize