8 Ways you can still experience Belize from home zoo

8 Ways you can still experience Belize from home

As the term “Digital Vacation” surges during this unthinkable time, tourism industries have been pushed to become more creative in promoting their unique products and beautiful destinations. Now, museums all over the world are offering virtual tours, artisans are hosting crafting classes online, and some hotels are working even closer with future visitors by educating them and helping them to plan their future trip thoroughly. The ability to do this makes the ‘cabin fever’ a bit more bearable, especially if you were forced to cancel your Belize vacation. While Belize is best experienced first-hand, there are still many ways you can enjoy this wonderful country from the comfort of your couch; at the very least, we hope to inspire you to plan a future vacation to experience all that beautiful Belize has to offer.

  1. Follow The Belize Zoo Facebook Page. Known endearingly to locals as the “world’s best little zoo,” the Belize Zoo is home to many orphaned and rehabilitated animals. Jaguars, tapirs – the national animal of Belize – and all kinds of bird species can be seen and interacted with on tours. Due to the pandemic, the zoo has closed its physical doors but it continues to brighten people’s days through the sharing photos of the critters on social media. Every day, photos and videos of Lindo the jaguar napping on a tree or Pecky the howler monkey enjoying breakfast bring smiles to thousands of faces on Facebook. Make sure to visit their page so you can also say hi to some of Belize’s wonderful animals. You can also donate to the zoo and contribute to the upkeep of the animals during this difficult time.
  2. Try your hand at Belizean Recipes. It’s no secret one of the main reasons visitors keep flocking to Belize is to savor the eclectic dishes that we have to offer. With a plethora of cultural backgrounds influencing our cuisine, many wish to replicate their experiences in some way or the other when they return home.  With a little extra time on your hands while at home, now is the perfect time to master the iconic Belizean fry jack or the daunting hudut. On the Travel Belize Pinterest you will be able to find many recipes that you can try at home so that when you return to Belize you’ll be able to appreciate the food even more!
  3. Virtual Tours on Instagram Stories. Well-known Maya sites such as Xunantunich and Cahal Pech are a traveler favorite for those seeking Maya exploration. Whether you’ve been to Belize once, twice, or never before, our Travel Belize Instagram stories will take you on “virtual” tours of these sites.
  4. Explore your artistic side. Many are taking advantage during this time to let their creativity bloom through art. If you’re one who finds painting or coloring relaxing (and as a distraction from the chaos) you’ll love the Belize-themed coloring pages we have created. Simply download from the album here, and print at home so you and your little ones can color to your hearts’ content.
  5. Use Belize Wallpapers. What better way to keep Belize close to your heart than having an image of San Pedro on your phone background? Every time you pick up your phone, you’ll be transported to the Split in Caye Caulker, the beautiful rainforest in Cayo, or maybe a hammock at a beach in Hopkins. Check out all our wallpapers here.
  6. Check out Travel Belize on Pinterest. As mentioned before, the Travel Belize Pinterest aims to inspire and keep you dreaming about the tropical Jewel. Go through the many boards to discover must-see places in Belize, gorgeous beach shots and the myriad of relaxing resorts to keep you curious about our little country. Pin them to your own board and create your very own Belize itinerary for a future vacation!
  7. Pretend you’re in Belize while on a Zoom call. As we’re all confined to our homes, meetings, brunches, and birthday parties are all taking place on Zoom; and for the foreseeable future, this may be our new reality. For your next family or friends happy hour, why not pretend you’re in Caye Caulker with a Lizard drink in hand? Check out these amazing images you can use as your Zoom background the next time a conference call comes in.
  8. Listen to some Belizean music. Last, but definitely not least, crank up your Belize playlist while you clean your house for the umpteenth time. In this board you can become familiar with many Belizean artists and their music. From Garifuna to dancehall and Punta, there’s a beat for every mood. Make sure to practice how to move those feet so when you come to Belize and get challenged to a beach dance-off, you’ll be well prepared!

For more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org.

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