Belize fry jacks

Around Belize in Four Dishes

Oftentimes, what makes a good vacation great is the culinary experience that accompanies all the memorable adventures. Belize’s cuisine is known to have a certain diversification that can’t be replicated anywhere else in Central America. Due to so many cultures making up the Belizean people, travelers have the privilege to sample a multitude of histories simply by crossing into another district. Here are four dishes that perfectly sum up Belize’s tasty tapestry of cultures.

  1. Fry Jacks. Right off the bat, we start off with the classic fluffy, fried dough that has earned its way into many travelers’ hearts. Ask almost anyone who has visited Belize, they’ll mention the breakfast staple as a forever-favorite. Fry jacks can be eaten with beans, eggs or simply with a swab of jam, so knock yourself out trying it out at home with our recipe here.
  2. Relleno. Up north, the traditional Mestizo dish is reserved for Sundays or for special occasions only. This soup is also known as ‘black dinner,’ though travelers should not be fooled by its daunting appearance. Made from a paste of spices and achiote, the dish often includes a chicken stuffed with ground meat and eggs, and is eaten with corn tortilla or white rice. Check out a great recipe from MyBeautifulBelize here.
  3. Hudut. If you ever wanted to learn how to cook directly from the pros, there are many tours in Belize that offer a class in how to perfect this amazing coconut-based fish soup. Traditionally derived from the Garifunas in southern Belize, preparing this dish was known to be a family affair as there are many steps in the process to making the soup just right. However, it is totally worth it once you taste the amalgamation of spices and time that was put in to create it. There’s a wonderful recipe here where you can try it.
  4. Rice and beans. Can’t forget about the MVP, right? Rice and beans has become synonymous with Belize, and is unofficially considered the dish of the Jewel. Straightforward yet packing a punch, rice and beans is not the same as beans and rice. Cooked together with the subtlest hint of coconut, rice and beans is usually accompanied by stew chicken, coleslaw/potato salad and fried plantain. Here’s a recipe we’re sure you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

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