Santa Rita

If you are looking for a short trip to ancient Maya sites while staying in Corozal, Santa Rita is just outside town, making it easily accessible for a quick tour. Santa Rita was a significant site in the Late Post Classic Period (A.D. 1350-1530) and was one of the major trading centers in Northern Belize. Neighboring regions like Northern Yucatan, Highland Guatemala, and Central Mexico traded jade, obsidian, and gold for locally grown goods like cacao and honey, linking them to the site. Archaeological research has shown Santa Rita to be the center of the Maya City of Chactemal (Chetumal), where a large part of the Post Classic population thrived.

Santa Rita is the host location for ceremonial weddings to reenact the union of the Maya Princess, Zazil Ha of Chactemal, and Spanish soldier Gonzalo Guerrero. It is also the location for the annual Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day Celebration, with several cultural presentations, authentic cuisines, and entertainment.