Belize| Whale Shark Scuba Diving Adventures

These shark dives are choreographed taking into account two factors: full moon and seasonal spawning of fish such as: Cubera, dog pinnae, and mutton (a favorite selection of whale sharks for filtration feeding).

Get ready to dive with the gentle giant of the sea on your whale shark adventures in Belize! These seasonal visitors enjoy the warm turquoise waters of Belize. Learn more about the popular whale shark and snorkel area outside the Great Barrier Reef at the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve in the south of Belize.

2016 whale shark data:

March 23 – April 3

21 April – 3 May

21 May – 1 June

June 20 – July 1

Your nautical boat trip to the place is filled with great views of the deep blue and Great Barrier Reef; If you’re lucky, you’ll probably meet a few dolphins.


Make sure you book more than a whale shark dives for the season as it usually takes more than one try before you actually see one.

The encounter:

Divers can certify innumerable peaceful whale shark encounters. These sharks feed (by a filtration process) from the eggs produced by the fish during spawning. Sharks are often curious and can swim within a few meters of the divers to satisfy their own curiosity, but soon slide away.

According to the law, it is illegal to touch marine life in these waters, which is why whale shark diving groups are kept to a minimum and for certain hours of the day.

Enjoy the wonders of Belize!

… In one day and in a single encounter you will experience a life-changing experience that will take you a lifetime … Discover the great wonders of Belize and discover how to be.

Have fun with diving? Take a worthwhile trip to Belize to get a remarkable insight into the biology of marine life as well as the beauty and precious water life of Belize! Please contact us for further information by e-mail at: or call us at: 1-800-624-0686.