Emancipation Day Eboe Town Festival

Emancipation Day Eboe Town Festival

Belize commemorates Emancipation Day on August 1st, marking the freedom of enslaved Africans from forced labour. Once home to enslaved African populations, including the Igbo Tribe, Eboe Town in Downtown Belize City hosts the Emancipation Day Eboe Town Festival in the Yabra Green area.

This spirited event, co-founded by Bredda David and the National Kriol Council, celebrates Creole culture with live performances, display booths, art, and culinary delights. Musical groups perform traditional Bruk Down, and Belizean Kungo Brukdown, performing songs by legendary Creole singers, such as Bredda David, Leela Vernon, and Mista Peters and the Bum N Chime band

You can try from an array of vendors offering authentic cuisine like boil-up, rice and beans, along with desserts like coconut crust, fruit preserves, and tableta. Explore exhibition booths by the National Kriol Council and Institute of Social & Culture Research, offering insights into Belize’s heritage. There are so many engaging activities at the Eboe Town Festival, from guided tours to drum-making demonstrations.

Join in celebrating Belize’s cultural resilience and the legacy of Emancipation Day at this immersive event.

Banner Photo Credit: Institute for Social & Cultural Research ISCR NICH