Experience the Charm of the Cayo District

As the largest district in Belize, the Cayo District is brimming with captivating adventures, attractions, and eateries. A destination adored by travellers and locals alike, Cayo is known for its majestic Maya sites, mesmerizing cave systems, lush jungle, and cinematic mountain views that prompt you to take a photo every time! Though there are many to explore, here are a few must-visits in the western paradise of Cayo:

San Ignacio Market

Take a stroll and immerse yourself in the vibrancy of the San Ignacio Market. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a home-cooked style breakfast and take in the colourful scenery, with locals chatting about the latest happenings and merchants selling their wares! Grab your fresh fruits and vegetables on Tuesdays, or get a good deal on treats, trinkets, clothing, and more when the town comes alive on Saturdays.

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San Antonio Women’s Cooperative

Nestled in the serene San Antonio Village, the San Antonio Women’s Cooperative offers travellers a gateway to Maya heritage and tradition. Through immersive experiences like indigenous cooking classes and ancient pottery making, visitors can delve into the rich tapestry of Maya culture, all while supporting local artisans.

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Oxmul Coffee

From the foothills of the Maya Mountains springs Oxmul Coffee, an organically harvested coffee steeped in history and tradition. Derived from Oxmul Ka, the original Yucatec name for San Antonio Village, Oxmul Coffee embodies the essence of the land, offering a flavourful journey from tree to cup.

Butterfly Farms

Step into a world of wonder at the Butterfly Farm, where the bright hues of native species dance amidst lush greenery. Journey through the butterfly’s life cycle, from egg to pupa to winged beauty, and experience the magic of Belize’s natural biodiversity.

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Poustinia Land Art Park

In the tranquil setting of Benque Viejo del Carmen lies the Poustinia Land Art Park, a sanctuary of art nestled amidst nature’s embrace. Wander through this outdoor gallery, where ephemeral and permanent installations by artists from around the globe harmonise with the surrounding landscape.

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Photo Credit: Poustinia Land Art Park

Rio Frio Cave

Discover the hidden depths of Belize with a visit to Rio Frio Cave, a mesmerising maze of underground wonders which stands 65 feet tall in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Adventurers can marvel at natural masterpieces of towering stalactites, freshwater pools, and waterfalls.

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1,000-Foot Falls

In the heart of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, the 1,000-foot falls cascade majestically, a testament to the beauty of Belize’s wilderness. Towering above the lush canopy, it captivates travellers to witness its awe-inspiring splendour.

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Sitting atop a hill overlooking the Mopan River, Xunantunich, which means Maiden of the Rock, is an archaeological reserve in the San Jose Succotz Village along the George Price Highway. Explore this ancient ceremonial site built on a natural limestone ridge during the classic period, where temples and palaces whisper tales of a bygone era.

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In the heart of the Cayo District, each destination tells a story of heritage, creativity, and natural splendour. Whether exploring ancient temples or savouring local delicacies, every corner promises an unforgettable adventure when you book your stay to experience the charm of the Cayo District!

Banner Photo Credit: Will Moreno Photography

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