You know you’re in for something pretty authentic; pretty-much amazing as your journey brings you nearer and nearer to Hopkins Village, southern Belize. Your car or plane trip here is met with increasing curiosity as the abundance of forestry and dense jungle surroundings seem endless.

The Village

This coastal community of predominantly Garinagu people ( known locally as the “Garifuna”) has a little over 1,500 residents scattered throughout the inland and shores. Their calm and gentle nature is an added treat for any traveler visiting these parts. Most locals can be seen riding bikes through the village or canoeing on the waters. After-all this little fisherman region is where excellent fishing adventures are made and the bond with the simplicities of life is realized.       


If you hadn’t known about Garifuna cuisine before, you’ll be in the perfect spot to not only savor the rich legacy-of-flavors, but also to learn the traditional techniques. Most resorts have local Garifuna chefs however, you can explore the local shacks and restaurants and be equally satisfied. These traditional dishes commonly include: cassava, fresh seafood and ground foods (the spices add additional zests).

High-end to Low-budget Accommodations

Enjoy all the comforts of a luxury resort within this little pristine region. If you’re into low-budgeted spots, they have it too. Either choice will provide views and a sense of fulfillment while you’re in Hopkins!

Surrounding Adventures                                                                                  

Learn the dance moves of the Garifuna by the popular village group the “Lebeha Boys.” Take a dip into the coastal waters. Discover part of our history at the Serpon Sugar Mill (a colonial sugar mill built in 1865.) Go into the jungles at Mayflower Bocawina National Park to discover our wildlife community and enjoy a freshwater swim at the natural waterfall.

In Hopkins Village, you’ll find the true meaning of community, nature and tranquility. For more information on these adventures and other highlights of Belize, or for tips on planning your dream vacation, email us at: info@travelbelize.org or call us TOLL FREE at: 1-800-624-0686.