Musical Events to Enjoy Belize's September Celebrations

Musical Events to Enjoy Belize’s September Celebrations

It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and attend these musical events during Belize’s September Celebrations. With the nation’s 42nd Independence not too far away, the calendar of activities is jam-packed with festivities to keep you going from August until the end of September. Attending the many music concerts is a cultural expedition as you get to listen to the various genres, instruments, and languages. From legendary bands to break-out artists, feel the energy of Belize’s September Celebrations by going to these dynamic concerts:

Francis Reneau Concert Series: Electric 80s

Move and groove to the exhilarating tunes of the 80s at Francis Reneau Concert Series: Electric 80s. From Motown Memories to Disco Fever, the Francis Reneau Concert Series is a highly-anticipated live music event where audiences can listen to and appreciate the intricacies of both the vocals and instruments. Reminisce about the vibrant 80s era with the melodic voices singing songs from world-famous artists such as Madonna, Prince, Cindy Lauper, and Michael Jackson. Get your premium ticket and dress bold and bright to enjoy two nights of over twenty beautifully renditioned songs at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts. 

Francis Reneau Concert Series - Belize's September Celebrations
Photo Credit: Belize National Celebration Commission

Sir Barry’s Belikin Bash

Wi wah bash til dah mawnin (translation: we will party until morning)! Renowned as “the beer of Belize,” Sir Barry’s Belikin Bash is giving back through music, featuring a lineup of the nation’s most popular DJs and performers. After a busy Friday, head to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex at 6 pm to kickstart your festive weekend with live music by YasThalia, Don Doe, TY, TLC Band, and many others while sipping on an array of beers! The fun starts midday on Saturday with delectable food choices and activities as you gear up for the concert. Vibe to Belizean music on Sept 1 and 2 for the eagerly awaited bash, wrapping up the night with Pantempters, Gilharry 7, Hubee, and the General, Supa G – to name only a few!

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Photo Credit: Belikin Beer
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Living Legends Series

If you enjoyed the tunes of Gilharry 7 on September 2 at Sir Barry’s Belikin Bash, you’ve just marked another event on your calendar to attend! The Living Legends Series is a recent addition to the list of festivities for Belize’s September Celebration, with its first concert for Belize’s calypsonian king – Lord Rhaburn. The acclaimed band hails from Corozal Town, performing several genres from cumbia to punta and soca! Join their 50th-anniversary celebration at the Lord Rhaburn Plaza/ Memorial Park on September 8 at 7:30 pm in Belize City to see an all-star lineup of performances honoring Gilharry 7. 

Living Legends Series - Belize's September Celebrations
Photo Credit: Belize National Celebration Commission

Pan Yaad

If you love the rhythmic sound of the steel pan, you have to go to Pan Yaad! The Belize City House of Culture turns into a lively party for this non-stop high-energy show. Various bands such as Pantempters Steel Orchestra, St. John’s College, Pandemonium, Panerrifix, and many more come together to create an unforgettable performance, playing throwback hits and trendy songs, catering to everyone’s taste! Their fantastic costumes, dances, and dynamic demeanor create an ambiance that keeps you on your feet. You’ll be busy for three weeks straight as you call your friends for Pan Yaad on September 16 at 7:00 pm.

Pan Yaad - Belize's September Celebrations
Photo Credit: Belize National Celebration Commission

Stay in Belize during the September Celebrations as the entire country comes alive with lively events that keep you active week after week! From parades to community fairs, music will undoubtedly entertain you as Belize’s Independence Day approaches!

Banner Photo: @yas.thalia, Row Photo Credit: Francis Reneau Concert Series, Gilharry 7 Band, Super Furia Band