As you may already know, BEYA is a Garifuna Word meaning “beach” or “beach front.”  We take pride in our Garifuna heritage and found it appropriate to use the Garifuna language and art form in our décor.  BEYA SUITES is the only local owned luxury hotel in the Toledo District. We opened our doors to our guests in November 2005.  Since then, we have strived to provide excellent services and quality amenities.  In January 2007, in recognition of our efforts, The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) awarded Beya Suites “The Small Hotel of the Year” award.  This award is given each year to one establishment in the country that provides quality guests services.  We are proud to have received this award.  We will continue to work hard to upkeep the significance it portrays and to meet the expectations of our guests.


Beya Suites is comprised of eight hotel rooms, 2 suites, dining room facilities, bar, sunset roof-top terrace, sea view roof top terrace, sea view garden and garden gazebo.

All our rooms have queen-sized beds, private bath with hot and cold water, air-condition, fans, cable TV, free wireless internet and private balconies.  Of the eight hotel rooms, 6 rooms have 2 queen-sized beds each and 2 rooms have only one bed.  The rooms that contain 2 beds can accommodate as many as 3 persons and the rooms with 1 bed can accommodate 2 persons.


  • 670-9650