Why You Should Experience the Belize Zoo Night Tour

Beloved by locals and visitors alike, the Belize Zoo is a must-see for nature and animal lovers. Opened in 1983 by the legendary Sharon Matola, the zoo is home to almost 200 animals, showcasing 45 native species. The animals are orphaned, rescued, donated, rehabilitated, or born at the Belize Zoo! From school trips to family getaways, this jungle oasis brings joy to the young and young-at-heart who journey its landscapes!

Exploring the Belize Zoo is an immersion in nature’s bliss. Get ready to be entertained by the activities of its furry, feathery, and scaley residents in their cozy, natural habitat. Conveniently located along the George Price Highway, the Belize Zoo is a great stop for a day trip. But have you ever thought about experiencing the zoo at night? That’s right, a night tour! While its diurnal residents may be taking a snooze, the nocturnal animals welcome you in their glee. 

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Photo Credit: @belizezoo

Get dressed in comfortable, long-sleeved clothing with your bug spray and water handy. As the sun sets and the moon glows, trek the designated path under the green canopy and the stares of margays, tapirs, and other wide-eyed residents. Hear the shuffling of the animals as they roam in their area, waiting to greet you. Grab your camera and flashlight to capture the beaming eyes of your wildlife pals!

From the hoot of Hoodwink, the curious Spectacle Owl, to the mysterious American Saltwater Croc, Brutus, and a performance from Lindo the Jaguar rolling over, the night tour at the Belize Zoo is extraordinary! Round up a few friends and secure your adventure a day in advance.

Book your stay for a memorable visit to Belize to journey in the dark, lush jungles at the best little zoo in the world!

Photo Credits: @morrissiey, @belizemytravels, @belizezoo, Heather Dodson Bargsley