Things about Belize we’re thankful for as we head into 2022

With the holidays peaking around the corner, November is the time that we find ourselves reflecting about all that happened throughout the year while cringing at those unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions. Ending another year within the reality of a global pandemic has challenged us to reassess our daily routines and discover a meaningful way of living. For some, this was the spark needed to dust off the decade-old bucket list and finally take that once in a lifetime trip!  

As 2021 ends, we are thankful for all the things that make this Belize a truly one-of-a-kind destination to live in and visit. Here are a few things:   

  1. Our People: Belizean hospitality is as inviting as the climate. A part of the charm is the ability to find optimism and humor even in challenging times. There is also a genuine friendliness and pride that radiates at the chance to share local knowledge and help newcomers settle in. If you didn’t learn a few must-know Kriol words and slangs from locals did you really get the full Belize experience? 
  2. Culture and Cuisine: With a population of roughly 400,000 persons, Belize actually has a wide mixture of people from various backgrounds and heritage. The result is a mosaic of traditions, customs, festivities and food that is the spice of living and adventuring in Belize. We’re thankful to able to enjoy rice and beans, hudut, cohune cabbage and fan favorite fry jacks (everybody loves fry jacks). 
  3. Barrier Reef: You’ll never stop hearing us boast about the beloved Barrier Reef! It’s not all about its size though. The reef is a haven for all kinds of wildlife. The abundance of marine life and cayes equals unrivaled snorkeling adventures. Bucket-list favorites such as the Blue Hole also forms a part of this world heritage site, need we say more?
  4. Archaeological Sites: Ancient Maya cities such as Xunantunich have withstood centuries of global phenomena. They continue to reveal to us the complexities of the civilization and societies that existed before. We are fortunate to have these treasures in our backyards, easily accessible within a few minutes or hours. 
  5. Conservation Efforts: This tiny country of only 8,867 sq. miles is leading in efforts to protect its forests and wildlife and its being recognized globally. Recently, National Geographic listed Belize as one of 25 Amazing Journeys for 2022. The spotlight was on the newly created Maya Forest Reserve. As Belize evolves into a more environmentally conscious and sustainable tourism destination, there is a growing suite of eco-friendly accommodations and nature-based adventures that we can’t wait to share with you. 
  6. Go Slow Vibe:  The mantra of the island of Caye Caulker, the go-slow way of living actually extends to most of areas of the country. Belizeans don’t wait for a public and bank holiday to rest and appreciate life. At the end of a work day or on the weekends you’ll find them spending time with family and friends (or heading off for a spontaneous road trip). How about embracing “Go Slow” as your motto for 2022? 
  7. New and Returning Travelers: Hold fast onto the reigns of adventure and “grab life in Belize is the latest tourism campaign. From the beach-bummer to the thrill seekers rappelling down waterfalls, we’re thankful for the variety of travelers that chose Belize as their destination. 

Disclaimer: This list is no way exhaustive of what Belize has offer or what we’re thankful for but these are some of our favorite things. What are you thankful for heading into 2022?