conch soup made by Garifuna people in Belize

5 Garifuna Must-Eats

Are you a foodie traveling to the south of Belize to experience Garifuna culture? Here are the top 5 Garifuna foods you cannot afford to miss! Savor a creamy conch soup or indulge in a sweet cassava pudding for dessert. Enjoy the distinctive spices of these local dishes that are integral to Garifuna culture.

The primary diet of Garifuna people includes cassava, coconut milk & oil, fish, plantains, bananas, and other ground foods. It’s a combination of these ingredients and spices that creates the deliciously unmistakable flavors of Garifuna food.

5 Garifuna foods you have to try:

It’s a taste that awakens each of your senses…

1. Hudut

A coconut milk (fish) soup called sere infused with local spices, and served with a side of mashed green and seasoned ripe plantains with coconut.

husking coconut to make hudut Garifuna recipe in Belize
Photo by Aristedes Carrera on Unsplash

2. Darasa

Similar in appearance to the Spanish tamales, Darasa is a grated slightly green banana mixture of coconut milk, lemon and orange juices, and seasonings. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled in water until solid.

3. Conch Soup

Conch meat soup in a creamy coconut milk liquid with fresh vegetables and spices sizzling to perfection; the aroma alone is captivating.

local conch fisherman in Caye Caulker Belize
Photo by Briona Baker on Unsplash

4. Tapou

A fish-based creamy soup with a range of ingredients, such as: cassava root, green & ripe plantain, lemon and orange citrus seasonings, ginger, basil and other spices.

5. Cassava Pudding

Complete your foodie-ventures with a slice of this traditional Cassava pudding. This sweet-rubbery-textured desert includes grated cassava, coconut and evaporated milk, ginger, nutmeg, butter, brown sugar, vanilla and eggs baked together.

cassava pudding made in Belize

If there’s one thing you need-to-know about the Garinagu (Garifuna) culture, is that it exudes vibrance, from its heritage to its cuisines, get ready to indulge!

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cassava pudding made in Belize
local conch fisherman in Caye Caulker Belize
conch soup made by Garifuna people in Belize