Belize September Celebrations Rebounds @ 41!

“Wave fi wi rag, Wave fi wi flag”! It’s time to celebrate in Belize! 

(Translation: “Wave our rag, Wave our flag”)

Visiting Belize in September requires energy! It’s the month when the young and the young-at-heart get down and dance. Watch the country come alive for one of its most festive months. This year’s theme, “Valiant and Bold. Proud and Strong. Belize Rebounds @ 41!”, truly encapsulates the resiliency of Belizeans. After a two-year hiatus, the streets are covered in red, white, and blue decor, awaiting to be flooded with cheerful locals. 

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Carnival Day

Embrace the civic pride of jubilant locals, draping sequined fabrics and flags on every corner of their homes. Stroll the streets embellished with streamers cascading from pole to pole. There’s no better time to interact as a local! Listen to the melodic verses of patriotic songs from brukdown to soca and let the beat get you in the spirit, as it does to the overjoyed revelers gracing the city streets. With months of preparation and practice, the carnival bands are ready to put on a show! On Carnival Day, look on at the extravagant costumes with their swaying feathers, rattling beads, and illuminating jewels as they dance through the streets. 

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St. George’s Caye Day

After the formalities and the crowning of a new Queen of the Bay is the highly-anticipated St. George’s Caye Day parade. Families and friends line the parade route with hats, seats, and snow cones. Even Belizeans from abroad come home to partake in this historical event awaiting the jump-up truck.  The crowd flocks proudly, hugging, dancing, and marching while waving our bold flag!

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Independence Day

September 20th feels like New Year’s Eve as eyes glow from the sparkling fireworks bringing in Independence Day. Another year of sovereignty and unity fills the hearts and souls of Belizeans with pride. A vacation in Belize during this season is an immersion in the pouring love each local has for its homeland. Later in the day, students fill the streets as they march along with decorated floats approaching cheerful children eager to catch treats. Towns, villages, and cities each celebrate Belize’s independence in their own unique way. 

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Don’t miss out on the kaleidoscope of cuisine, music, and culture when you visit Belize at the height of its festivities in the month of September. Be fearless and experience a series of parties, concerts, ceremonies, and shows dedicated to our homeland by the sea. So don’t wait; book your stay in Belize now!

Click for the official National Celebrations Calendar of Events 2022!

St. George's Caye Day Ceremony
Independence Day Uniform Parade