Floating through the underworld at Nohoch Che’en

With a multitude of cave systems snaking throughout our country of Belize, there are bound to be a good few that treat you to a proper adventure. The Nohoch Che’en Caves in the Cayo District, known locally as Caves Branch, is one of the more popular to experience in a couple of hours. Located about an hour away from the capital of Belmopan, the site allows for what we like to call one of the world’s best cave tubing excursions. The river meandering through the giant, open-ended caves makes it perfect to plop on a tube and float through the underworld, emerging on the other side unscathed. The refreshing, transparent waters carry you through thousands of years’ worth of limestone being shaped to create the beauty that surrounds you.

As you wade deeper into the cave, say goodbye to sunlight as your headlamp is the only illumination lighting up the crystallized stalactites and the fruit bats taking their nap. Your trusty guide gives you a history lesson on the formation of the cave and its discovery. With some light pockets here and there throughout, you will come across small gushing waterfalls, and a magazine-cover worthy (literally) of wooden stairs descending into one of the cave openings. This shot was once featured in the National Geographic cover way back when.

Once you come out through the other side and welcome daylight again, you can take a swim in the clear-blue river before heading up for lunch. Though cave tubing through dark spaces might seem spooky at first, you will be surprised by how relaxing and rejuvenating it actually is.

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Cave tubing Belize