Belize Spring Break

Planning your Belize Spring Break Vacation

Who said Spring Break has to only involve lounging by the beach sipping coconut water? Although that does sound like the ideal scenario, there’s more you can do in Belize in addition to sinking your toes in San Pedro’s sandy beaches. Five days for Spring Break – excluding your flight days – is more than enough time to get to know both Belize’s sought-after beach vibes and its verdant rainforest.

Day 0

Fly in and rest at desired hotel, preparing for the next five days of inland adventure and beach break.

Day 1

The good thing about the size of Belize is no matter where you’re lodging, any activity is within some mere couple hours away, at most. For your first day of exploring, go all in. Make your way to Stann Creek district; the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, to be exact. This park is also a jaguar reserve, which makes the hike to the phenomenal waterfall even more exciting! Hiking the Tiger Fern trail will be worth it once you get to ditch your backpack and dive under the refreshing waterfall. Of course the trail to the waterfall itself is an experience to behold. With lush rainforest canopies and the distant echoes of Howler monkeys following you, you won’t be in a rush to finish the trail.  

Day 2

Belize thrives on its people and culture, so it comes as no surprise that the Maya World of Belize influences its history and therefore, its present. Take advantage of the Maya civilization, which prospered in the Classic period from 250 AD to 900 AD, by visiting one of their well-known archaeological sites, Xunantunich (“Stone Lady” in Maya.) The 130-foot infrastructure of “El Castillo” is located in San Jose Succotz village in Cayo. The view at the summit is spectacular, and is the perfect picnic spot with a friend.

Accessing the site requires crossing the Mopan River through a hand-cranked ferry, which makes the journey that more thrilling.

Day 3

After all that climbing, maybe you should let someone else – or something – do the trekking for you. One of the most-treasured activities is horseback riding through the jungle. Popular tours include Maya sites like El Pilar and Cahal Pech. You can also experience horseback riding in the Mennonite community of Blue Creek. This way you can enjoy the flora and fauna of our rainforest without worrying too much about getting fatigued.

Day 4

For the second-to-last day, let’s explore what you initially came for: The Caribbean island vibes! Whether you’re staying in the city or more inland, Ambergris Caye – the largest island – is a short 75 minutes via water taxi or 15 minutes if you opt to fly from Belize City.  Visiting the beach on your penultimate day is perfect for winding down after days filled with high-energy activities.

Rise early and you’ll bear witness to one of – if not the – most stunning Caribbean sunrise in Belize as it makes its way above the water (even more astonishing if seen from the window of a plane!)

Make sure to grab your flip-flops and sunglasses and go in search of a golf cart; the friendly local will be more than happy to drive you around the 25-mile long island. To really get into the Spring Break vibes, find an available beach chair with the view of the azure Caribbean Sea and get to tanning (did you really go to Belize if you don’t have Belizean-sun-kissed skin?) For the curious, take the liberty of wandering the Caribbean island and visiting 5-star-reviewed restaurants like Hidden Treasure Restaurant or local favorite cafes like Rum+Bean.

After a day of beach break (or getting to know the locals), make your way back to your comfy hotel room. But first, make sure you don’t miss that ethereal beach sunset to bookend your day.

Day 5

Last, but definitely not least, is the ubiquitous island of Caye Caulker. You may know it from its infamous “go-slow” motto or from acclaimed travel bloggers’ bucket lists. This little 5-mile long island may be significantly smaller than its ostentatious neighbor, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, but it’s packed with as much charm and regalement. What’s a more perfect way to end your beach break than paddle boarding near the Belize Barrier Reef and having a renowned lizard drink? (although we advise not to indulge in too many on the day before you fly out!) For the fellow Instagrammers, make sure to snap a selfie at the new “CAYE CAULKER” sign!

The late evening is as good a time as any to take your last snaps of this island and bid it goodbye (or maybe a “see you later”?)

Last Day

Pack up, say a teary-goodbye to the place you vow to visit again, and go back home to boast with friends about your week in Belize.

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