Belize featured in three "Best of 2018" Lists 1

Belize featured in three “Best of 2018” Lists

This little tropical country continues to amaze, and word of its pristine beaches and must-see waterfalls have reached global literary ears. Belize ended 2017 with a bang, with highly-acclaimed National Geographic naming it number seven on a list of “ Best Winter Trips 2018,” coming on top of Antarctica and Baja Sur California.

Author Caitlin Etherton described it as a “diver’s paradise” and highlighted the barrier reef, which is the largest in the Northern Hemisphere. The Maya ruins and jungle lodges were also given honorable mentions. With the article describing relaxing Half Moon Caye and adrenaline-inducing diving spots, readers will be able to choose for themselves what part of Belize to explore, if not all.

The Caribbean country also made the cut in Fodor’s Best Trips 2018,” which was also released late 2017. A coveted spot on a highly-trafficked site, Belize was in the top ten for this 52-places go list.  Author Jesse Tabit led the blurb with, “Belize is full of rich history, rewarding explorations, and natural beauty that may not be around forever.” Anyone who has been here would agree, and would surely have photos – and lovely anecdotes – to prove it. In this list, the Maya ruins are given the spotlight, with an expansive photo of well-known Xunantunich being featured. Tabit continues on the uniqueness of the country, “Part Caribbean and part Central America, Belize feels untouched by the rest of the planet, making it seem like a true getaway.” Local authors Zee Edgell and Bruce Barcott are given shoutouts should readers wish to learn more about the culture.

As the new year rolled in, so did another spot on a “Top 35 Places to Travel in 2018” list, this time by Architectural Digest. It placed above the Bahamas and even an island in Italy! Author Laura Itzkowitz described that Belize “marries the best of Latin America and the Caribbean.” There was also the ever-present praise for the white beaches and world-renowned barrier reef, which is home to the Great Blue Hole.

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Belize featured in three "Best of 2018" Lists| Barrier Reef
Belize featured in three "Best of 2018" Lists| Xunantunich
Belize featured in three "Best of 2018" Lists| Big Rock Falls