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Solo Traveling in Belize

As more travelers take the plunge to globetrot by themselves, concerns for safety or language barriers may deter their plans. This makes it imperative to make sure your destination is perfect for you. Belize, while small, is the ideal gallivanting haven for all your solo travels.

Reasons why Belize is great for Solo Travelers:

  • All travel types. Regardless of whether you’re in an introvert or prefer to party, Belize caters to any type of backpacker out there. From the revelry of the islands to the meditations in the mountains, solo travelers can take comfort that their specific needs will be met.
  • Homestays. One of the reasons solo travelers choose to go at it on their own, is their desire to immerse themselves in the local culture of the people. Belize happens to have unique homestay experiences where travelers can both live and learn the Maya culture.
  • No Language Barrier. Belize, being the intriguing anomaly it is, is the only English-speaking country in Central America. Travelers can be confident in speaking English and hearing English be spoken back (although there’s a high chance some Creole will be mixed in!)
  • Size matters. Roughly the size of Massachusetts, getting from point A to point B in Belize is a (Caribbean) breeze. You can fit your entire itinerary in approximately three days, which leaves plenty of time for winging the rest of your trip (as most solo travelers tend to do!) This makes for unexpected thrilling experiences to bring back home.
  • Easy, safe transport. The main transportation are local buses that run all across the country – including the villages tucked away in the off-beaten paths. You are left to your own devices in the bus, giving you plenty of time to appreciate the scenery as it passes by the window. You can even take a bus – under $5USD – from Belize City down to Western Belize, where many mountainous adventures await.
  • Connect with other solo travelers. Backpackers are attracted to Belize like locals to Orange Walk tacos, so it only makes sense you shall meet like-minded individuals while on your travels. Whether in group excursions or at homestays, you are bound to bond with someone who understands your perspective on backpacking through the diversified country.
  • Currency exchange not an issue. USD is widely accepted throughout Belize, and during the off-chance it isn’t at a particular place, ATMs are available in all cities and major towns.
  • Plethora of guidebooks. There are countless guidebooks on Belize that can help you on your solo traveling. From detailed road maps to emergency phone numbers, you can get your hands on any of these travel guides directly from the Belize Tourism Board.

For more information on traveling to Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-6240686.

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