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What should be in your tech-kit when travelling to Belize

Most packing travel lists contain the major necessary equipment to make the most of your vacation, like chargers, cameras, etc. However, a tropical destination that boasts world-class snorkeling, sandy beaches and dense rainforest, the packing list might need a little more. Here’s all the tech you should consider bringing that is sure to capture the best of Belize.

The Must Haves:

  • Battery packs, to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of juice when recording the jaguars at the zoo.
  • Portable speaker so you can listen to local artists while on the various tours.
  • Underwater camera to capture all of those nurse sharks’ angles.
  • Waterproof phone case. Think about all the diving at the cayes you have planned!
  • Flatcabled charger, so it doesn’t get tangled up in your bag and is easy access when your phone’s about to die.

The Optional:

  • Camera stabilizer. Belize is so small, that you can get from one famous place to another on foot. Using a handheld stabilizer helps capture the best of downtown scenes or those market stalls in San Ignacio.
  • Travel Router. Most places in Belize offer free WiFi, however when you’re on the road to a Maya site in Northern Belize, it doesn’t hurt to have a router so you can be posting Instagram Stories along the way.
  • Underwater camera Dome. Trust us when we say this will take your underwater photos to the next level. ­While a bit bulky to lug around underwater, the dome will produce some of the best snorkeling selfies you’ve ever seen.
  • Tripod. Traveling solo? Then a sturdy, compact tripod is a great companion when you are trying to nail that Belize Sign photo op in Belize City. Not to mention all the other signs around Belize, too!  

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