Why Belize is the perfect “workcation” destination

            In an era where WFH (working from home) has slowly become ingrained as normal, the tourism industry has added a new term to travelers’ lexicon: the workcation. Known to be part regular working day, part vacation, the workcation is ideal for those who desperately need to escape the four walls of their home, while also putting much-needed hours in. In this digital age, more than just millennials have sought out workcation destinations. During the pandemic, more and more hotels have leapt onto the bandwagon, offering workcation packages. However, while the WiFi takes care of the “work” part, there are many aspects that can make it a great vacation. And guess what? Belize checks off everything on that list.

  1.  English is the official language. There won’t be any need to keep your Google Translate app open on your smartphone;  as the official language, almost everyone in Belize speaks English. While we do have local and cultural dialects, English is spoken generally across the country, which makes it easier to communicate with our North American travelers.
  2. Free WiFi in public places. Can you imagine sending work emails from the gorgeous, beach-front central park in Ambergris Caye? You don’t need to be chained to your suite at your hotel to be able to work efficiently. There are many places across Belize where this is the norm, so there’s no need to worry about losing connection while you tan by the beach or sip some locally-made coffee at a nearby café.
  3. Belize. Well, it’s Belize, of course! The views, the beaches, the jungles, the food, is enough to warrant a short 4-day workcation. Since Belize is only roughly the size of Massachusetts, you can snorkel the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in the morning and send your deliverables by 4 p.m. You can plan your day around your meetings, and with domestic flights that can take you across the country in literally minutes, there’s so much room to play around with your schedule. If you’re traveling with friends or family, they too will be able to enjoy experiences as many resorts have on-site amenities for entertainment.

At this point, it seems crazy to not take a workcation in Belize, where more and more business travelers have been lengthening their stay in the Jewel. Besides – your Belize Zoom background can finally become reality!

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