Why Belize is perfect for Slow Travel

In 2018, “last chance” tourism was a trending term when it came to the travel industry, a new wave of globetrotters manically racing across the globe, crossing as many items off their bucket list before that place/site was gone forever. Some of these touristic sites were either victims of environmental impacts, time, infrastructure or by mass tourism itself. Now, in the age of a pandemic, many are embracing the opposite of the “last chance” tourism: the slow travel trend.

Visitors are aiming to spend longer vacations at destinations, and according to Travel Weekly, slow travel is “focused on single versus multiple destinations as those venturing out again first seek to avoid both potential points of contact as well as fast-changing border restrictions.” There is also the rise of regenerative travel, where visitors are actively trying to leave the destinations better than they found it, as opposed to simply erasing their own footprints. By creating a longer vacation at one destination instead of country-hopping, visitors diminish the risk of points of contact and encountering border restrictions, all valid concerns in a COVID-19 era.

Belize fits the bill for such types of travel, especially because our country is already encased in nature, with 70% of our land being forested. We boast many luxury eco-lodges, all full-serviced, allowing guests to have every need taken care of so they don’t have to go out into public spaces and risk contact. Belize also has an umpteenth amount of activities to do, for every type of traveler, so they will never be bored once in country. Some of these same popular activities are offered right at some of the properties; no need to leave the accommodation to start your journey. Not to mention the thorough and rigorous safety protocols put in place for every new arrival to Belize; there is a sense of relief that accompanies travelers whenever they enter the country, as they are whisked away to their Gold Standard accommodations by similarly-recognized Gold Standard transportation.

For more information on travel to Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org, or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686. To plan your Belize vacation or to book your stay, visit our stay page.

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