What’s that, Cashew?

Cashew nuts are a delicious dish all over the world and especially in Belize, where traditional roasting methods produce the most tasty nuts. It does not stop; some cashew products from Belize come from the flesh of the actual cashew fruit. For the most part, it may appear odd at first to have a juicy (orange, red or even yellow) fruit with its crescent-shaped nut on the outside. If you love homemade products, try our local favorites from cashew, such as cashew wine, cashew jam, cashew stew and more. Did you know already? The seeds of the cashewn must be roasted – in Belize, we traditionally roasted these seeds on a temporary oven, called fire, to remove the oils from the dish. The shell is carefully broken and the cashew nut is then removed and ready for consumption. Local production methods of cashew nuts are very popular in Crooked Tree Village. It is this picturesque and picturesque village, which is the place for the annual Cashew Festival. Take a tour of Crooked Tree Village and discover why Cashew is such a popular fruit for this community! For more information on this and other events in Belize or to get tips for planning your dream holiday, send an email to: info@travelbelize.org or call us at: 1-800-624-0686.