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How Belize is leading the way on sustainable eating

Belize is known to be devoid of chain restaurants, which allows visitors for the opportunity to indulge in authentic Belizean cuisine. But many don’t know that there are experiences where guests are able to literally pick their own ingredients, create their own meal and consume sustainably.

Recently, eco-resorts in Belize are hopping onto the farm-to-table trend that prioritizes sustainability as its basis in all things they do. Western Belize seems to be the hotspot for these experiences, where large resorts offer the option of foraging fresh ingredients from their on-site gardens and farms. This hands-on experience allows travelers to practice more mindful travel, as opposed to only traveling for traveling’s sake. A fair number of visitors are already flocking to destinations where sustainable practices are at the forefront. In Belize, we have seen this first hand as many restaurants are now phasing out plastic straws and replacing them with pasta, bamboo and metal straws since the Government implemented a law banning single-use plastic. Both restaurants and hotels across the country have enforced this new eco-friendly option.

One of the more well-known campaigns that has contributed tremendously is the Fish Right, Eat Right program. Implemented by the Belize Fisheries Department (BFD) and Belize Tourism Board (BTB), along with the support of many other environmental organizations, this program’s aim is to “control illegal fishing and promote best practices in fisheries.” Many restaurants, especially in Ambergris Caye, have signed up for the program. In an effort of marine conservation, this “establishes a local brand that highlights establishments sourcing seafood responsibly; enabling consumers to make correct choices that ensure the health of our oceans.” Practicing proper consumption of seafood can help reduce fishing pressure on species that are over-exploited, threatened, or endangered.

These are just a few of the ways Belize has cracked down on practicing sustainable practices in the last couple of years. This allows our guests to have a great experience when consuming fresh food in Belize, and know we acquired it responsibly.

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