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A Rum Tour You Can’t Miss

Is there ever such a thing as a perfect tour? Travellers Rum thinks so, transporting guests through time to discover the story of one of Belize’s most historic distilleries, while also tasting some award-winning rum.

Its history dating back to 1953, Travellers Rum was founded by the well-known Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr. at the tender age of 12 (talk about ambitious!) The story began with ‘Don’ Omario’s humble bar, the name coined as such since most of the patrons were travellers. Now, its Heritage Center Museum stands proudly in Belize City, perfect for a day tour or for cruise visitors passing through. Famous for their One Barrel Rum, Travellers showcases guests the entire story preserved within their walls, and at the end of the tour you get to try some samples! Perhaps the best part of the tour, some say.

Inside you will be welcomed by ancient equipment frozen in time, including a bottle of rum the one and only Prince Harry himself tasted during his Royal Visit to Belize in 2012! Making your way through the vintage bottle-capper machine and the giant cast iron pot, you will be able to see the production process through a large glass window; workers donning hairnets bottling the rum.

The next stop is the dark aging room where up to 2,000 barrels – repurposed from Jack Daniels themselves – are stored. The lingering scent of white oak and a caramel-y burnt smell greet you as you walk in. There are racks of barrels all the way up and to the back, the dim lighting complementing the story and dedication behind the process. You will get to know about the distillery’s signature rum: the one-barrel, aged for one year, and of course the others aging 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 8-year and the 15-year rums.

At the end of the tour comes the best part: all the samples! From their signature One-Barrel to Rumpopo (similar to eggnog) and the well-known Gifiti Bitters, you’ll have a chance to try these – and get to taste history.

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