Savour the Sweetness with Mango Season in Belize

Locals and visitors eagerly await mango season in Belize as the country overflows with the fresh, sweet, and juicy flavours of this tropical delight. Mangoes are a summer delicacy in Belize, with loaded trees and the aromas of ripe mangoes lingering around many villages, towns, and backyards. The brightly-hued fruit brings back memories for many locals, who reminisce about climbing mango trees and peeling the skin off with their teeth as they haste to indulge its succulent taste!

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Many vendors have carts filled with whole or sliced mangos and a dash of pepper-salt (salt mixed with habanero and seasonings), with prices ranging up to $3 for this hearty treat! Whether a refreshing mango smoothie or enjoying your pastime biting in the luscious fruit, mangoes pair well with a relaxing day near a beach or under a shady tree to beat the Belizean heat!

Belize is home to approximately an astounding 50 types of mangoes, including Number 11, Thundershaw, Common, and Judgewig mango, each varying in size, shape, texture, and taste. There is one for every palate, from the small and intensely sweet to the large and mildly tangy. Belize’s radiant climate creates ideal growing conditions, ensuring each mango is delicious and bursting with flavour. Fruit lovers will have a blast exploring the variety of mangoes when travelling the country, especially in Hopkins Village for the Mango Festival.

Hopkins Mango Street Fest

One of the highlights of the mango season in Belize is the annual Mango Festival held in Hopkins Village. The festival is a must-visit, which features a mango eating contest, a prize for the biggest mango, and a bartending competition. Vendors line the main street offering an array of mango-infused dishes, from fruit bowls, salsas, jams, tacos, barbecue, and even mango rice! Cool down for the day with mixed drinks like a pineapple mango juice, a mango cocktail, or a mango-seaweed power drink. You can purchase a bottle of mango kombucha or mango wine to take a sip after the day’s festivities. Family activities and live musical performances add to the cheerful atmosphere, making it a fun-filled event for everyone!

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Photo Credit: Hopkins Mango Fest

Amongst all the tropical fruits in Belize, mango season is a time of year which sparks excitement for many. You can finally harvest, sell, purchase and most importantly, satisfy your appetite with this refreshing delicacy! So, there’s no better time than visiting Belize for the summer to enjoy mangoes!

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