6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize

Satisfy your tastebuds with the sweet- or sour- flavors of local fruits to enjoy during summer in Belize! Stop by the farmer’s market, a nearby supermarket, or a street vendor with a loaded cart to choose from fruits with varying colors, textures, and tastes grown in this tropical oasis! Here are some fruity snacks to try when on your summer vacation:


In the rural community of Crooked Tree Village, there is an annual Cashew Festival, which happens in May to celebrate the versatility of the tender fruit. From cashew wine, cashew cakes, cashew nuts, and stewed cashew, it is infused in many dishes, beverages, and products, making it a local delicacy. Slice the cashew or bite directly into the fruit for its sweetness when ripe or tartness to dip in some salt.

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize-Cashew


If you’re wondering what the little yellow seed-like fruits in a bag at the market are, you’re looking at craboo! With a naturally pungent smell, craboo is a delicious pastime snack to enjoy. Locals love eating this fruit in a cup, topped with a generous serving of condensed milk, as a frozen milk ideal (a chilled homemade beverage in a sealed baggie for less than 1.00 BZD), or as ice cream to beat the summer heat! You can also stew craboo with sugar, making it extra sweet, syrupy, and tasty!

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize
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Golden Plum

Exactly like the name says, this fruit stands out on the tree with its bright golden color that signals it’s ripe and ready to eat. Mostly common in the late summer, peel the thin outer skin to reveal its soft, yellow flesh that’ll have you eating one, two, or even three for its yummy, juicy taste. 


Many locals anticipate kinep season to indulge on the sweet, orange goodness while relaxing during a breezy afternoon. Fruit carts around the neighborhood will have bags with a bunch of kineps for you to crack the hallow skin open and munch. The taste of the smooth pulp is so luscious that there’s no need for condiments like salt and pepper!

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize-Kinep
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Belize has a variety of about 33-named mangoes! From black mango to slippers mango, number 11, thundershaw, judgewig, and common mango- to name a few- this juicy fruit is always a must-have. A good tip is to relish your mangoes with pepper-salt (a mixture of salt and crushed habanero peppers) to add a kick of heat. 

Locals also infuse mangoes in sauces, jams, desserts, beverages, and cuisines for a sweet, tropical flavor! Since there are so many mangoes to choose from, there is the annual Mango Festival happening in Hopkins Village on June 10 and 11, 2023. 

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize-Mango


Soursop may look intimidating to eat with its dark green, spikey texture. However, the milky white pulp inside is well-known for making the best homemade ice cream! Grab a spoon to savour the mouth-watering flavor from this fruit. A bottle of freshly-made soursop juice, or a glass of soursop smoothie pairs well with a day on the beach.

6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize-Soursop
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Summer is always highly-anticipated to explore new places and activities. It’s also long awaited to satisfy the cravings of fruits only available during this time of the year. Book your stay in Belize to enjoy a tropical platter of these local fruits!

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6 Local Fruits to Enjoy during Summer in Belize