7 Must-Try Belizean Treats

7 Must-Try Belizean Treats

Belize is known for its kaleidoscope of cultures and cuisines. Find some room for dessert to indulge in an array of local treats to satisfy your sweet (or savory) tooth. From coconut-base candy to preserved or “stewed” fruits, you can enjoy these delicacies when you are in the country! They will keep you wanting more every time after your first bite. Here are a few must-try Belizean treats to look out for when on your trip. 


If you’re a coconut lover, you need to eat a tableta! The local delicacy made from dried coconut flakes and ginger is a great choice to drop in your bag in time of a craving. It is also known as ‘cuttabrute.’

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Coconut Tart

Still in the mood for some coconut goodies? Spoil yourself with some coconut tarts. All you’ll say is ‘mmm’ when you taste the creaminess of grated coconut with flavors of nutmeg and vanilla. When walking around Belize, you’re bound to find someone on a cart, bicycle, or strolling around the neighborhood with a container filled with coconut tarts. Greet them to buy yourself a few.

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Wangla is at the top of the list of items to pack in their luggage whenever locals from the diaspora visit home! The brittle candy is irresistible to those looking for something nutty to snack on. Toasted sesame seeds are caramelized in sugar, creating a unique Belizean treat. 

Stew Pumpkin

Also known as “Dulce de Calabaza,” stew pumpkin is a syrupy goodness traditionally prepared for Día de Los Muertos. Your appetite will instantly call for some stew pumpkin after smelling the aroma of the spices lingering from the glistening pumpkin pieces. 

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After making stew pumpkin, some locals save the seed for the savory snack, Pepitos! Meaning “little seeds” in Spanish, pepitos are sundried and roasted pumpkin seeds salted and packed for sale in stores. If you feel peckish, grab a bag and munch on some pepitos.

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Belizean Fudge

An all-time local favorite dessert: Belizean Fudge! Taste the deliciousness of fudge as it melts in your mouth every time you bite it. A mixture of condensed milk, sugar, vanilla, butter, and nutmeg, some enjoy tweaking the recipe by adding peanuts, grated coconuts, and even raisins! Join the clan of fudge lovers after you try it!

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Tamarind Ball

Tamarind or Tambrand is a pulp found in a hollow shell that you can find on large shady hardwood trees. Locals crack the shells to get the sticky pulp, remove the seed and mold it into balls. It is coated in sugar to create the sweet and sour confections many locals love!

When you travel to Belize, look for any goodies to snack on. These Belizean treats are a must-have to take back home and make some of your own! 

Photo Credits: Krem Sunday Review, FOJ MIKS, @livingheritage_bz

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